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Starting April 22nd 2023


TKCS! is a new natural voice singing group for children and young people ages 7-14 based in Great Malvern, South Worcestershire, starting at the beginning of the Summer term 2023. If your kids already know they love to sing, or even if they have never really sung before but think they will enjoy it want to give it a try, then TKCS! is the singing group for them!


For answers to practical questions such as when/where etc, click here. To find out what TKCS! will be like, about what 'natural voice' means, and also about singing leader Sarah then read on....


(This is a new website for a new singing group, which is why there are no photos yet. As TKCS! develops, this website will too.)


What will TKCS! be like?

TKCS! will be fun, friendly and informal, and there will be LOADS OF SINGING! No one will be asked to audition for TKCS! or sing solos, and you don't need to be 'good at singing': all kinds of voices are welcome in a natural voice singing group and you don't need to have sung before. Enthusiasm and a willingness to sing are all that's needed.


Songs will be taught 'by ear' using a call and response approach, with no musical notation to read and no instrumental accompaniment. We will sing in rounds, in part harmony and in unison, learning songs from around the world as well as traditional British songs, show songs and classic pop songs. Sometimes we will use word sheets to help us learn a song, sometimes we won't need to. There will be musical movement, action songs, rhythm work and singing games. Sometimes we will sing in rows like a choir, sometimes in a circle, sometimes spread out around the room. However we sing, we will make a fantastic sound and have a great time.


At TKCS! Sarah aims to create a singing environment free from criticism and judgment, a space where everyone can grow in confidence in their voices and in themselves. Singing as part of a group teaches us to listen and hear, to consider others and work together, to be calm and focussed. Singing in a group is a very sociable activity where you will meet other kids who love to sing, and in general singing makes us feel happy and energised.


On the last session of term, 'Watching Week' will give familes and friends an opportunity to hear the songs we have learnt during the term at TKCS! Click here for more details.


About TKCS! leader Sarah Rowe

Sarah is a dynamic leader and teacher who will take your child on an engaging learning journey through song. She is friendly and fun and will help everyone at TKCS! relax, take part fully and with confidence and have a great time. Sarah is a member of the Natural Voice Network (see below).


Sarah lives in Castlemorton with her family. She loves to sing with others and goes to as many singing workshops and events as she can. Sarah leads a monthly singing group for adults in Castlemorton called Sing for the Seasons (visit naturalvoice.net for info). She also runs creative workshops at The Art Room (visit www.theartoomworkshops.co.uk).


Sarah struggled to find local singing opportunities for her own children over the years, travelling to Worcester or Hereford for them to take part in choirs. Having really enjoyed leading singing at her children's school Pendock Primary between 2016-2019, Sarah decided she wanted to start a kids' singing group of her own. It's taken a while to get it off the ground, but good things come to those who wait and TKCS! is happening at last.

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What is the Natural Voice Network?

The Natural Voice Network is an organisation which represents, supports and inspires people working with voice and song. It is a worldwide community of singing leaders who believe singing together is something that can and should be a part of life for everyone, and that singing with others is a great way of making us feel good and creating strong communities. More information about the Natural Voice Network can be found at https://naturalvoice.net


Your peace of mind

Sarah has an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate and public liability insurance. (To find out how to view Sarah's DBS certificate click here to go to the Terms of Business page.) An additional DBS-checked adult will be present in case of emergency.


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