Additional Adult Volunteers


For the safe running of TKCS! it is necessary for additional adults to be at every choir session. WITHOUT VOLUNTEERS TKCS! CANNOT GO AHEAD.


Sarah is asking parents/grandparents/carers of young people attending TKCS! to volunteer to be an additional adult at the choir. Volunteers will not have to do or take part in anything, but will be expected to simply sit in the room for the duration of the session, helping only in the event of accident or emergency and to attend anyone leaving the room to use the loo.


A volunteer can put themselves down for as few as 1 or as many as 4 sessions per 8-week term. Volunteers will need to be reliable in attending as a volunteer on the sessions their name was down.


Volunteers must have a current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate. If you do not have one Sarah will help with your DBS application which is free for voluntary positions such as helping at TKCS! The check needs to be done in time for the certificate to be issued before you volunteer.


In exchange for this amazing help volunteers will be awarded £7.50 for every session attended as an additional adult (which could mean as much as £30 per term for someone volunteering four times!) This will be given EITHER as a discount on the following term’s fees, OR as a cash refund by BACS transfer at the end of the current term if a child did not want to attend the following term (or for some reason TKCS! did not run).


If you are interested in helping TKCS! in this brilliant, generous and totally essential way then please let Sarah know at the time of booking.