TKCS! Terms of Business


Booking for TKCS!

To book places at TKCS! you will be asked to complete and return the Booking Form you will be sent via email by the date stated on the form. The form provides Sarah with essential information to run the group effectively and keep your child safe, so your child will not be allowed to take part if Sarah has not received a completed Booking Form prior to your child joining TKCS! Completed forms must be returned by email as a scan or as a readable photo, or printed on paper and sent in the mail. You will receive confirmation by email that the form has been successfully received.


Children can only join within the first half of term. Later than this they will be invited to join at the start of the following term and you will be contacted in time to book places. The groups's numbers are limited to a maximum of 16 children: your child's name will be put on a waiting list if TKCS! is already full and you will be informed by email when a place becomes available.


Children joining TKCS! must be 7 years old at the time of joining and not younger. Sarah reserves the right to ask for verification of a child's age if there is any doubt.



Your child's first ever session at TKCS! is a 'try-out' and is free. After that, the cost for the first term is £5 per session, payable by BACS transfer as a single payment of £35 for the remainder of the 8-week term before the start of the second session. Subsequent terms are payable in advance of the first session of term, at a termly cost of £40. Free 'try-out' sessions are only available to an individual child once.


A child can only join TKCS! in the first four weeks of a term. There will be no new admissions to the choir after the fourth week. If a child joins in week 3 of the term, the cost of the remaining weeks of the term will be £30; if joining in week 4 it will be £25.


All fees are discounted 20% for siblings.


Payments are non-refundable once term has begun. If you need to cancel your child's place prior to the term’s start date you will be given a refund of your payment minus £5 (total) to cover administration costs. Refunds for any sessions your child cannot attend for personal reasons or illness will not be refunded.


If Sarah has to cancel a session/sessions for any reason you will be offered a refund via BACS for the number of sessions cancelled, at a rate of £5 per cancelled session, or the discounted equivalent for siblings. Alternatively, you can choose to set the refund off against the cost of the next term's fees.


Drop Off/Collection/Parking

TKCS! will start and finish on time. Please ensure your child arrives on time and that you are ready to collect them on time. No one except the parents/carers stated on the Booking Form will be allowed to collect your child unless by prior arrangement.


You will be asked to sign your child in and out of each session. Your child is your responsibility up until signing in and immediately after signing out. Once your child has settled in you will be expected to leave them to take part in the group independently. TKCS! is not suitable for children who require parental support, unless for supporting someone with a disability (see 'Accesibility/Medical' below).


Parking on the driveway is availble at 'The Singing Space', and there is lots of additonal parking outside the gate on Castlemorton Common.


Behaviour Expectations

TKCS! aims to offer a happy, relaxed, fun singing experience for everyone in the group, and behaviour conducive to making this possible is expected from all children attending. Sarah will withdraw a place at TKCS! if an individual’s behaviour makes it hard to lead the group, for everyone to be safe, or for others to sing and have fun. In this circumstance you will be refunded for any sessions not yet attended.


'Watching Week'

The last week of each term will include a short, fun and informal performance of some of the songs the group has been learning. This will be during the last quarter of an hour of the session and family members or friends will be welcome.



TKCS! welcomes wheelchair users or the less physically able. If a parent/carer wishes to be present to provide assistance for an individual child with specific needs then please contact Sarah and every effort will be made to accommodate your child. However, TKCS! is not suitable for individuals who have difficulty with speech regulation or voice control. A child’s medical needs must be stated on the Booking Form. Sarah will not be able to administer any forms of medicine to your children.  



Photos may be taken of children taking part in the group for use in promoting TKCS! via posters, flyers, on social media, and on the TKCS! website. Names will NEVER be used if photos of children are published in any form. If you do not wish to have photos of your child/ren published for use in this way you can opt out on the Booking Form. If this section of the Booking Form is not completed Sarah will assume agreement to photos being taken and used in this way has been given. 


Data Protection

Your contact details and any other information you provide will be kept by Sarah for use in connection with your booking. You may also be sent details of future TKCS! events and sessions via email. If you do not wish to continue to be sent communications from TKCS! you can reply UNSUBSCRIBE to an email at any time to stop them. The information you provide will NEVER be shared with anyone else or used for any other purposes.


Mobile Phone/Device Use

TKCS! is a strictly mobile phone and digital device-free zone, with the exception of Sarah using a camera to take photographs or if Sarah or additonal adults present use a phone in the event of an emergency. If your child has a phone/device please ensure it is turned off and put away out of sight in a bag or pocket before the start of the session. They will be asked to put them away if they get them out in the session.


In Case Of Emergency

In the event of an emergency relating to your child/ren you will be contacted immediately on the phone numbers you provide on the Booking Form. Please ensure these phone numbers are correct at the time of booking. It is the reponsibility of parents/carers to inform Sarah of any changes of contact details that occur after the completed Booking Form has been received.


Please note, Sarah will NOT answer phone calls while leading TKCS! In the event of an emergency which means you urgently need to make contact with your child/ren or Sarah during a session, please return to the choir venue in person.


Health and Safety

Your child/ren will be asked to wash and dry their hands on entering Sarah's house. They will also need to bring a water bottle for their own personal use and will be encouraged to sip water throughout the session.


Every effort will be made to ensure your child is safe when at TKCS!  Children will be made aware of health and safety issues and behaviour expectations in relation to keeping safe during TKCS! at the start of each term and reminded of these things when necessary. With the exception of going to the toilet (which they are expected to be able to do sensibly and independently) children will stay in the venue room until they have been signed out by the adult collecting them.


Sarah has public liability insurance and training in child and infant first aid.


Viewing Sarah's DBS Certificate

Sarah holds an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate. You can view the certificate by doing the following:


Go to  > “Update Service and other online services” > “Perform a status check as an employer” > in the box “Organisation name” simply put your name, then your name again in the “Forename” and “Surname” boxes > continue > in “Certificate Number” put 001421755724, in “Applicant’s Surname on Certificate” put ROWE (in capitals), in “Date of Birth on Certificate” put 21/02/1978 > continue

> Check the box “I agree with the legal declaration” in the “Legal Declaration” pop-up (“I, Sarah Rowe, expressly give you permission to do this.”) > continue > Here you can view Sarah’s up-to-date certificate


End of Terms